1. Hello world! (as revised according to me: Danny)

Well, it has finally happened. After giving my blog about two weeks to grow and develop on its own, I’ve finally decided that it needs a bit of a direction. I am only hoping my future posts rival the mystery of the exquisitely crafted “hello world” post that was originally here, but please bear with me while I stretch out the blogging muscles.

I think this is probably my third time attempting to start and *maintain* a blog, but it is definitely the most extensive one so far. The class is called “J456 Creative Strategist” and if you want to see what real blogs are supposed to look like you can go to the creative strategist and click on any of the names you see to the right of the screen.  Each blog in the class will have a different focus, but are all supposed to be loosely related to advertising in some way, shape, or form.

What is mine about the-one-person-who-read-this -far may ask? “Oh, why thank you for asking, it’s about progress.” Is what I would say if I was there in person…

I chose progress for the sole reason that advertising seems to be fighting an uphill battle in most of the academic world and wanted to showcase how things are moving in the right direction. I hope to look at the industry as a whole and showcase that while, yes, advertising isn’t prefect, it is not the poison some people say it is. So hopefully within the next few days I’ll start posting more about the good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising.

Just wish I had one of these…

Photo credit: sursly. via Flickr


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