4. This post is definitely not a cheetah

How well do you think you can pick your logos out of a lineup? If you were anything like me you may have been shocked at your ability to subconsciously choose the right one.

It is amazing to think how much information can be conveyed in an obscure image once it’s slapped onto a coffee cup or on the back of your laptop. Whether they are right in front of us or seen during an advertisement on TV, logos stand as the little symbol with a big message. A logo gives people something to focus on and remember throughout diverse and changing campaigns, creating a better sense of brand loyalty through familiarity. While I know that logos change over time, their consistency is one of the key attributes that help form an emotional connection between a brand and its consumers.

I am not entirely sure whether I should feel happy for this kind of brand recognition or weep, but it was definitely entertaining to watch…



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