2.Facebook is “it’s complicated” with Wall Street

But they will probably forgive you if you write them a check.

In case you start wondering why your next friend request is brought to you by Pepsi or why the next few people who message you are brand ambassadors hoping to get your input on Dr.Pepper 10 (it sucks), then you probably haven’t heard about Facebook’s $5 billion IPO.

What does going public have to do with soda? Well for starters you have to realize just how much money advertising has produced for Facebook so far, which is about 85 percent of its revenue in 2011 according to Adweek, you would realize that investors may want to keep that going. What’s worse is that many people feel that advertising hasn’t even come close to reaching its full potential yet. While I know that it would be impossible to keep Facebook ad free, I am just praying that the industry shows mercy and doesn’t go Rambo and kill off anything likeable about Facebook.

Despite the many pitfalls that may come with this IPO, I feel that this is also a great opportunity for the advertising industry to find a creative and engaging way to raise the bar on how they operate within social media.


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