Advertising? There’s an app for that.

How many times a day do people use their smartphones for something other than just making calls or texting? Personally, I can rarely think of a day that I don’t slip away out into the digital cloud. And while I will admit that seeing advertisements on my phone has rarely set a smile to my face, what if those advertisements actually start turning out to be useful?

Smart phone killed my free time

Mobile advertising is growing and points out 5 trends that are shaping the way the industry looks at mobile advertising in the near future. Two of the biggest factors talked about are more sophisticated ways to target specific consumers and a greater focus on how to make ads interactive. Some advertisers are even working to integrate advertisements with mobile gaming, but instead of annoying pop-ups the advertisements correlate directly to in game items. Mobile advertising creates such a unique opportunity for creativity to flourish because the medium is right in the hands of the consumer.

Adweek even describes advertising on mobile devices as more of “a brand extension of an individual.” Mobile advertising allows consumers to foster a relationship with their brands in a way that feels not only interactive, but also personal on a whole new level. As mobile advertising ramps up in the coming year I am sure that more small agencies will begin to pick up on developing quality creative mobile ads.

*For those of you who have yet to get a smartphone or just want to see what a tip in the right direction looks like, you can check out a great case study by Critical Mass on their mobile advertisements for Nissan.

** Photo credit toettoet via Flikr


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