6. The time has finally come…

I would like to take a moment to congratulate all the brave souls who have spent countless hours tweeting and tagging people on Facebook this week.  You social media crusaders have been pushing onward so fervently the past few days, but don’t think that it has gone unnoticed. This week is for you, this week, is social media week.

If you clicked through on that last link you probably realized that this week has less to do with your favorite social media and more about the progress of responsible social media. While slightly less exciting than a Facebook relationship status update, I think that it is incredibly important to hold open discussions like this one to clearly define our rights as consumers of social media.  As concepts like privacy continue to get blurred by new ways to engage the world at large, it is essential to understand the pitfalls of what these new public forums bring.  While not entirely centered around advertising, it is definitely a page worth spreading to the next generation of advertisers working with these new mediums.

Sadly, if you are anything like me then you probably haven’t even heard of this event until recently, but this ad by Entrinsic makes we want to pump life back into my twitter and start spreading the word.


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