8. Branding; A gift that keeps on giving

At a time where brands seem to be offering consumers everything the internet has to offer, from a smooth-talking spokesman bringing life to their tweets to pictures of a fake Sports Illustrated model, it is nice to see someone offer a product that you can bring home with you.

Although this is pretty old news now, Ben & Jerry’s Dutch Facebook page attempted to give its Facebook fans something to take home for the holidays. If you liked the page you would be able to download a pdf of a cow ornament that you could cut out and put on your tree. I think little branding things like this are what truly make for a great interaction with customers because they are able to take away a tangible experience with their brand. The Ben & Jerry’s ornament serves as a great reminder for people to indulge in a few extra pints of ice cream over the holidays, but does it in such a way that it almost feels like it has a right to be there, like it’s a member of your extended family.

Hopefully more companies will try to come up with clever brand interactions like this in the future, not to knock all the great things you see on the internet, but giving a physical gift creates a stronger connection in my mind. Who knows, maybe once this 3-d printing takes off we will be able to see a whole new level of brand connection.


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