10. Advertisements that won’t even win Miss Congeniality

After watching the Purity Bear campaign I definitely needed a way to restore my faith in advertising as a whole, so I headed over to Ads of the World to check out the creative talent from beyond our shores. This brought about a good question though, is quality advertising something that is supposed to be universally well received or is it more important for each country to pander to its own audience. I personally feel that, yes, good advertising needs to be something that can be communicated through multiple cultures, making some exceptions when it comes to the language barrier.

In a blog where I often want to talk about the progress the advertising industry is making, there comes a point where I also need to give a nod to the advertisements that seem to be… lacking some finesse… to put it nicely. While this list of 15 banned, offensive, or rejected advertisements is a good start, here are three more that didn’t quite sit right with me…

Up first from Russia, this advertisement may have been more of language barrier issue, but i mean c’mon.  I didn’t even know that world leaders were used to sell ice cream in other countries, maybe Ben & Jerry’s will produce Kim Jong Unbearable Mint Chip or  Putin’s Pistachio (yes, I’ve already accepted I won’t have an illustrious career naming ice cream).

This ad from China seems to insult its target audience more than inspire them towards career advancement. While there were three in this series, this is definitely the worst so far considering how badly beat up the doll looks. I don’t know how this ever looked like a good idea…

This last one from India definitely gives me chills. It is on par with Toddlers in Tiara’s, but with an added bonus that says childhood obesity is for kids of all ages.


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