9. Progress: Saying you will click stumble once more and meaning it

So as I start to mentally prepare for the coming storm that is week seven, it is nice to take a few moments to center my qi and look at some other great work from around the web…or as I like to call it, “pseudo-productive procrastination”. Whether I am looking at some great blogs (shameless plug for my partner’s blog in 3,2,1…Shawna Widmer) or stumbling till my eyes bleed, it is always nice to see a few fresh new ideas, especially when you are desperately waiting for inspiration to strike.

One thing that definitely caught my eye is this video by John St. for John St. that takes something normally mundane to most and glazes it over with some sarcastic goodness.  From the all-to-serious corporate format to the light-hearted execution, I think that videos like this are what really showcase what it means to flex your creative muscle.


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