11. Using this twitter machine properly

So personally I am not the most active tweeter in the world, but I definitely realize how crucial twitter will be in building brand credibility in the future. You can look over at tweet grader to get an idea of just how many brands are picking up on the importance of twitter and who is doing it the best. Although it is good that so many are embracing twitter, there is a lot more work that needs to be done for brands to do if they want to optimize twitter’s social branding potential.

This is what i wish would happen to some of the more annoying people on twitter...

One area of the market that is using twitter exceptionally well has to be airlines. JetBlue has done some incredible work with their twitter by interacting with customers on a deeper level. When something goes wrong during a flight and someone tweets about it later JetBlue has people dedicated to not only sending out personal apologies and provide compensation to show how important customers are to JetBlue.

Businesses like JetBlue who work to create a connection with their audience are starting to pop up more and more these days. They are even incentivizing people for following them to help build a strong social media base. By elevating social media planning to the next level, companies set them apart from being just another product and are able to establish loyalty centered around their brand.


*oh and here is a cool website i found involving twitter just for you: That can be my next tweet


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