13. An airline offering you a little more than peanuts

If you have a few minutes you should hop over to kiwi skeptics to check out a great campaign by the ad agency Host. Instead of going with a more traditional ad campaign for an airline that focuses on their amenities, Air New Zealand decided that it would focus on the destination to persuade Australians to visit. This is great because passengers would spend such little time in the air that most inflight amenities wouldn’t seem that important and they definitely make a good attempt to cater to every demographic.

It’s great to see a campaign like this were a company goes out of its way to try to get you interested. While there are obvious risks, like a bad trip or there just isn’t a connection, these kinds of risks are what make interesting. I ended up watching all the videos because they were actually entertaining and that is what Air New Zealand was counting on. They basically created a miniseries and did it in such a way that leaves you wondering about all the great possibilities that are available to you if you are just willing to hop a quick flight over.


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