14. I spy + Twitter= Win

Hear is another interesting campaign by the Australian agency Host that was meant to reignite Levi’s popularity among youths.

For those of you who didn’t watch it, a basic summary is that a group of Levi reps were scattered throughout Sydney wearing levis and tweeting people their locations. If a person walked up to one of these reps and asked “are those Levis?” the rep would give up their pair on the spot.

While the campaign ended in 2010, you can still check out iSpyLevi’s twitter page to get a better idea of how it worked. This is the kind of campaign that really shows progress in the advertising industry because it doesn’t just engage people through social media, but also creates the opportunity to put a face to the brand. The campaign helped give Levi’s some of its “edginess” back and really does a lot for the brand in the way of making a lasting impression. There is such a high level of engagement with these kinds of campaigns and it could be difficult on a larger scale, but I this is the kind of work that we should be seeing more often as brands interact more with consumers.


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