15. Twitter gets sized up

Is twitter a broadcast medium? A writer from Adage feels that it is not so far from the truth. At a time in advertising where we are so frequently inundated with demands for brands to reach out to consumers using two-way social interactions, it is interesting to think that it may not be completely necessary. While I am saying that those campaigns, when done well, are incredibly worthwhile, brands don’t always need to be clamoring for attention from their consumers.

Twitter Bird - Paper Toy

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa. via Flickr

You can find numerous twitter case studies or infographics that rant about twitters success at reaching out to people, but the article points out that despite brands reaching out there is a very small part of the population actually working to maintain that kind of interaction. Twitter has the power to do great interactive work with its consumers, but brands could also learn to take advantage of its ability to get messages out there.

While I can’t definitively say whether I think it is a good or bad thing for companies to get the idea that Twitter is a broadcast medium into their heads, I think there is definitely evidence that points to the fact it is.


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