20. What drives our creativity?

As the impending doom wrought by finals encroaches ever more quickly I start questioning how I have somehow managed to procrastinate so much of my work until these last two weeks? While I personally feel I work better under pressure, my procrastination skills definitely aren’t going to be something that ensure a long and healthy life.

In my efforts to find some inspiration for blog posts I stumbled onto a collection of videos about creativity and motivation on the99percent.com. Of course I was overjoyed to find this page because it allowed me to watch a bunch of videos and still feel like I was being productive, but I eventually stumbled onto the video below that was made from a speech given by Dan Pink.

The video talks about what really drives us to do good work. One of the most interesting parts about this video is when he cites a study done at M.I.T. about how monetary rewards only incentivized people to do better work when it was only mechanical, but once cognitive thought was involved they actually did worse. He says that for people to create good *creative* work they need to work for three reasons: Autonomy, mastery and purpose.

This kind of thinking definitely plays a big part in the advertising industry. Since such a large part of the industry is built on the creative side of things, it is important for people working in advertising to not just try to make money, but also find a sense of purpose in the work they do for their clients. If they only see what they are doing as a paycheck then they won’t produce impactful work. As I get closer and closer to entering the working world myself I will definitely work to keep this in mind.


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