22. Ikea furniture or as some call it “The Swedish Rubik’s Cube”

If you didn’t know Ikea probably has some of the most recognized cheap and affordable furniture on the market. While many people have worked to hack Ikea products and improve on their design, there is a large group of people that cower in fear at the very idea of trying to assemble these 3-dimensional puzzles. So if you have ever tried to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture and said anything like “we are missing a piece”, “there are pieces left over” or any of other seven things you say assembling Ikea furniture, this is for you.

In an effort to enhance Ikea’s customer relationship, they have decided to launch a YouTube page with videos explaining how to assemble Ikea products. This is a great move for Ikea because it allows for a more personal relationship with customers and even lightens the load on Ikea if by preempting poor assembly problems. Ikea is sort of late to the game when it comes to this sort of thing (AutoZone has a whole DIY section up), but I am sure customers couldn’t be more pleased for it to be put up. While it may take some time for the videos to cover the wide array of Ikea products, this is definitely a step in the right direction. This video helps to reinforce the Ikea brand image and makes complicated assembly tasks much less daunting.

volvo ikea

Personally, I'm just hoping they try to tackle this assembly video

Photot credit: Eric Johansson



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