24. Silencing the lizard brain

As I started to write the penultimate post for my advertising class, I happened to stumble on this speech from Seth Godin on quieting the lizard brain via the99percent. The video is kind of long, but to try to sum it up he basically points out that people will start sabotaging their own work the closer they get to showing it to the public. He refers to this as the lizard brain, the tiny part of our mind that encourages survival and panic, blocking us from pursuing our goals. He stresses that people need to commit to finishing from the very beginning to ensure they will bring their idea to fruition.

I feel that his perspective is crucial for people in the creative industry because producing the work is half the battle. It is always hard to predict how your work will be received, but if you don’t put it out there you will only limit yourself.

Some great advertisements that definitely took this chance and overcame the fear of production are the ones featured in TED; ads worth spreading. They cover a variety of topics (I already wrote about the Japanese ad with the wooden xylophone), but are thought provoking in their own ways. My favorite one by far has to be “The Return of Ben Ali.” I’ll bet that whoever produced it was initially terrified of a negative reaction, but they stuck to their convictions and produced something incredibly powerful.


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